1. Aim of Project

This Centre will provide educational training to up to 60 autistic children below the age of 13 years per day and vocational training to up to 40 autistic adolescents and adults aged 13 years and above per day. The group homes will provide residential accommodation for up to 56 autistic male and female adults.

  1. Project Brief
There will be four blocks of double-storeyed buildings - one block for administration, one block for educational and vocational training, one male hostel and one female hostel. There will also be one single-storeyed quarters with two bedrooms for warden.

        Administration Block
    • General office
      • office for administrator
      • office for President of Association
      • office space for 2 clerks
    • Conference room with a sitting capacity for 20 persons and movable tables
    • Resource room with books and teaching aids for loan or sale to parents and teachers
    • Waiting area with seats for 20 parents
    • Toilets and bathrooms
    • Car parking lots for 20 cars
        Educational and Vocational Training Block
    • Educational Training (60 students per day, 4 hours per day per child)
      • One-to-one training - 10 rooms (each room has 1 table and 2 chairs and 1 couch)
      • One room for Supervisor A (with CCTV monitor)
      • One Central Resource room for teaching aids
      • Sensory Integration gym - 9 metres x 7.5 metres - can accommodates 6 students + 3 teachers
      • Multipurpose room (for arts & craft) cum tea room - 8 students doing arts & craft + 2 teachers, with enough space for 15 students and 13 teachers having tea together.
      • One room for group learning - 5 students + 1 teacher
      • Toilets and bathrooms for students and staff
      • One staff room for teachers not doing one to one teaching
    • Vocational Training (for up to 24 students per day and 18 ‘workers’ per day + 8 teachers)
      • One room for Supervisor B
      • One room for arts & craft - 8 trainees + 2 teachers
      • One room for packing - 8 trainees + 2 teachers
      • One kitchen + space for baking - 4 workers + 1 teacher
      • Laundry shop on ground floor
      • Toilets and bathrooms
      • One store for gardening tools (under staircase)
  1. Estimate Cost of Project
No.ParticularsAmount (RM)
1.Estimate Premium for land (2.96 acres)250,000
2.Survey and soil investigation20,000
3.Land fill (done - actual cost)267,363
4.Preliminaries (6% of items 5-9)155,800
5.Piling works80,000
6.Building works1,173,600
7.Mechanical & electrical services520,000
8.External works (roads, carpark, surface water drainage, foul drainage, water supply & hydrants, fencing, gates, turfing, retaining wall)673,000
9.Furniture & furnishing150,000
10. Contribution fees to local & utility authorities
  a. SESCO capital contribution
  b. Water capital contribution
  c. Contingencies

11.Professional & supervision fees325,000
12.Group homes/hostels1,500,000


  1. Building Fund
The amount collected till 31.12.2010 is about RM1.7 million.

  1. Tax Exemption Status
The Association does not have tax exemption status. But, for any donation of RM5,000 or more, cheque can be issued to Social Welfare Council of Sarawak with a written instruction that the donation is for Kuching Autistic Association. The Social Welfare Council of Sarawak will then issue a tax exemption receipt to the donor and reimburse Kuching Autistic Association for the donation.

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